Thursday, January 06, 2011

TV review – “Tales of Frankenstein” (1958) **1/2

The success of Curse of Frankenstein saw many offers from the US for Hammer, including a possible TV show. This was the pilot for a series which never eventuated with Screen Gems (Columbia’s TV arm) and it’s fascinating viewing for the Hammer fan. It’s in black and white, unfortunately, and only runs 30 minutes, but the sets are fine and Anton Diffring is in good form as the Baron.

The plot concerns a couple who visit the Baron, asking for his help; he declines (busy with experimenting on his creature in the basement), and the husband dies. Then the Baron digs up the body, and puts it in the creature. Creature goes on rampage. The end. I guess that is your standard Frankenstein film at the end. This feels a bit more Universal horror than Hammer – the make up is similar to Universal, as are the sets (it was shot in Hollywood and directed and co-written by Curt Siodmak). There’s a good scene at the end where the wife tries talking to her husband in Frankenstein’s body.

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