Thursday, January 06, 2011

Radio review – Lux – “Union Station” (1951) **

I listened to this thinking it was an adaptation of a famous Western – which I realised later was actually Union Pacific. This is a run-of-the-mill thriller set in a train station which reunites William Holden and Nancy Olson from Sunset Boulevard. Apparently Paramount tried this combination a few times – they should have used him with Gloria Swanson again.
Holden is a cop at the station who investigates a kidnapping – Olson is a spunky girl, the secretary of the kidnapee’s father, who helps him. This might have played ok on the screen with some location shooting, or done in some impressive Hollywood set, but here it’s just an episode of Water Rats with a comic Irishman thrown in (the original film had Barry Fitzergald in it), and come police brutality (Holden threatens to beat a confession out of a baddie). If I’m not mistaken the blind kidnap victim says “I can’t see” during the finale.

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