Thursday, January 06, 2011

TV review – “Law and Order – Season 7” (1996-97) ****1/2

The superb quality of this drama continues – there have been hardly any dud episodes. This season saw perhaps its strongest ever cast, with Carey Lowell joining – I much preferred her to Jill Hennessy because there wasn’t the dodgy under-current of a sex relationship with Sam Waterston, and also because she was a grown up, mature woman with her own brain and opinions, less of a doormat. Yes, she was also very good looking.

The overall quality is high but I want to mention a few really special eps: one where Lowell takes on a sexually harassing judge; a black power investigation; a case where a woman finds out her loving husband is an obsessed killer; a three-part episode based on the OJ Simpson case (great moment when they go to LA and arrest someone – the LA cops pull out their guns, Lenny says “you don’t have to do that”); one where the cops harass a man who could be innocent but turns out to be guilty (actually this ep sends a bad message); one where the cops harass a man who seems to be guilty but turns out to be innocent.

Guest stars include Jennifer Esposito, Taye Diggs, Karen Allen, Janeane Garofolo, Lauren Graham, Felicity Huffman, Elaine Strich (reprising her role from a previous season), and Burt Young.

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