Friday, January 14, 2011

Radio review – Lux – “Lady in the Dark” (1953) **1/2

Judy Garland steps into the lead and is much better than Ginger Rogers – not only a more accomplished actor and singer, she has that “open wound/nerve ending” factor which suits the role, as well as being totally at home on a psychiatrists couch. Unfortunately, her excellence further highlights the dodginess of the rest of this story: the all-wise, all-knowing shrink, who picks Judy as having a father complex; her horrid co-worker (John Lund) who says he wants Judy’s job, and that she’s a failure as a woman… he’s supposed to be the true love interest. Judy sings a couple of songs. There’s some interesting patter at the end where she refers to her nine year old daughter Liza, and where Lux advertises some new toothpaste that’s been tried out on the kids at Boys Town (what a good concept for a horror movie).

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