Thursday, January 06, 2011

Radio review – BP#37 – “Summer and Smoke” (1953) **1/2

Second-tier Tennessee Williams. It was an off-Broadway hit in the early 50s, helping establish the reputations of off-Broadway, Genevieve Page, and Jose Quintero – but it doesn’t travel very well. It’s set in, you guessed it, the South, where Page plays a dreamy spinster, a minister’s daughter, who meets a handsome, horny doctor who introduces him to gay sex - whoops, I meant introduces her to straight sex. Yeah right, Tennessee. She falls off the sex wagon and becomes a slut while he goes off to be married. I don’t think every Williams plays should be done all-male but this one should because it just doesn’t ring true that once a girl discovers the joy of sex she becomes the town bike, or that the doctor would give her up because he got married.

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