Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Radio review – Suspense – “The Hunting Trip” (1946) ***1/2 (warning: spoilers)

Terrific suspenser with two of radio’s greatest actors, Lloyd Nolan and Vincent Price (both of whom pop up for a chat at the end, rare for Suspense – maybe the ep ran short and they were scrambling around for things to do). They play friends who go on a hunting trip; Nolan becomes convinced that Price wants to kill him. Great atmosphere and a double twist ending – Price saves Nolan’s life, but is then revealed to want to kill him… but does it by poisoning Nolan’s coffee, which Nolan has inadvertently given Price. This would be a good intro for someone discovering this program.


Anonymous said...

Even with a warning, you shouldn't have posted a spoiler. You have destroyed the suspense. Totally. Not worth listening to anymore after your bungled comment. One would think that, with such a short comment, you would have said something enlightening or insightful about the situation, the characters, or the quality of the suspense generated without the spoiler. -- Any aspect other than the twist ending.

Five stars for the radio play; zero stars for the awful "review".

Bob Aldrich said...

I absolutely disagree - I gave clear warning of the spoiler, no one has to read it after seeing that and it's buried in the body of the review. The twist was so clever it was worth describing. It's a play from 1946, it's in the public domain, I believe I have the right to describe it.