Friday, January 14, 2011

Movie review – “Three Men and a Baby” (1987) ***

Some stories always seem to work with audiences: Cinderella, Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers. To that list I’d add, “comedies where an all-male house has to raise children”; look at the phenomenal success of this, Full House and Two and a Half Men. It’s got basic fish out of water comic value (a reflection of our times still), plus women seem to find it cute that hot guys changing nappies – and domesticated men enjoy swinging bachelors realising that true happiness comes not through constant parties and sex with hot women, but through preparing milk bottles and singing bed time songs.
There are some solid comedy moments – Selleck offering a thousand dollars to change a nappy and later reading a sports report to a baby; the three men singing – plus a terrific “spine” with the drug dealers getting involved. There’s some terrible 80s movie music and Nancy Travis’ English accent isn’t very convincing. The three leads are very likeable: three B-list stars adding up to a very potent one.

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