Thursday, January 06, 2011

Script review – “The Social Network” by Aaron Sorkin

Marvellous work from Sorkin, probably his best script to date (that I’ve read, anyway). Sorkin frequently proclaims his techno-phobia but this really could be about the inventor of post-its or something – it’s a universal saga of business, a Young Turk desperate to make it to the top.

For what it’s worth I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg comes out of it badly at all; sure he’s ruthless, but who wouldn’t be for a couple of billion dollars? And he’s also very smart, funny, innovative and hard working. He’s not into drugs and underage girls like Sean Parker, who does he have the advantage of their father’s millions, like Eduardo and the Winklevoss twins. Yes, he pinched the idea off the Winklevi (as Zuckerburg amusingly dubs them) but there’s no copyright in an idea. Yes, he screwed over this friend Eduardo – but Eduardo only got involved because his father had money, and he only got screwed over because he didn’t read a contract or get his own lawyers to look at it. It’s not as though either the Winklevosses or Eduardo did much work for Facebook – and they still made millions out of it. So it turned out pretty good.

The sexism in the feature film version is less evident in the script, but it’s still there – girls offering to take off their bra to make it easier to snort coke off them, the crazy girlfriend character, the groupies who just have sex and aren’t asked to do anything about computers. So it wasn’t all Fincher.

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