Thursday, January 06, 2011

Movie review – “Salt” (2010) **

This had a decent idea, plus some good names working on it, so it’s a disappointment to find such a dreadful movie. The basic concept isn’t bad – Angelina Jolie is a CIA worker accused of being a double agent… which she finds out is true. But it’s full of stupidity – why does the KGB guy tell them? (They try to explain this at the end, but it doesn’t make sense, it would be better for them if the CIA were unaware of what was going on). The actions of the lead characters doesn’t make sense either – and the action sequences aren’t very well thought out. Jolie seems to be phoning it in (they don’t even give her some sexy outfits to wear), Liv Schreiber continues to underwhelm on screen and it’s just all… dumb.

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