Monday, May 01, 2017

Script review - "The Social Network" by Aaron Sorkin (re-reading)

Really beautiful work - perhaps Sorkin's best since The West Wing. This feels like what he was trying to do with The Farnsworth Invention - it's less depressing because here the anti social genius, Zuckerburg, triumps.

Zuckerburg actually comes out of, this pretty well - ruthless to be sure, not very since to his friend, but Eduardo was silly for not reading the contract, and the Winklevoss twins aren't too bright either. Sorkin has sympathy for handsome aristocrats - he's show that in his work before (eg President Bartlett, Sam Seaborne) but he doesn't trash Zuckerburg - he's smart, funny, resourceful.

The film copped it for treatment of women and there are some unfortunate choices - the woman who offers Sean Parker the chance to snort coke of her chest, Eduardo's psycho girlfriend (a completely pointless scene). Was this Fincher's input or Sorkin? Still, a masterpiece.

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