Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Script review - "Hell or High Water" by Taylor Sheridan (warning: spoilers)

Unpretentious, very well done heist film underlined by strong dynamics - not just the relationship between the brothers but also the two pursuing police, and the brothers and their dead parents, Tommy and his kid.

It throws us straight into the action with a robbery - the type of robbery is different, a bit tricky. The exposition is well thought out, Texas Ranger Marcus figured out the crime very quickly rather like Marge in Fargo. There's a very strong denouement - it's extremely satisfying.  The lead characters are all well etched.

The female characters aren't as strong as the men - money hungry ex, tubby cafe waitress - though I did struggle to see where there was room for one. There's a lot of derogatory bagging of Indians which I'm sure is true to time and place and character but does get a bit wearisome. But a very good, tough movie - the sort you wish we could/would make in Australia.

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