Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Movie review - "Not of this Earth" (1995) **1/2

Corman's third remake of this story - this one was done for Showtime. I can see the appeal to Corman - it's a clever vampire tale and can be done quite cheaply: it's really three people living in a house, one of them with sunglasses. There's opportunity for a little satire, some sexiness/nudity via the nurse, a couple of showy roles; the effects won't cost a bomb - dark sunglasses and weird eye stuff really.

This was the strongest all round cast of all three versions: Michael York as the vampire, Dick Belzer as his assistant, Mason Adams (you might not know the name but you'll recognise him) as the doctor, Parker Stevenson as the cop. Elisabeth Barondes is sweet as the nurse. She has to do some topless bathing and have a shower (I think a body double is used in the shower). Stevenson looks a little silly with his late 70s porn star moustache and hair - why not make him more handsome? He looks like a pimp. York is effective in his role.

The script is very faithful to the 1957 version. A couple of key changes - the vacuum salesman is gone, replaced by a religious dude, which I think is much better idea than trying to get someone to repeat Dick Miller. There are similarities with

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