Friday, May 05, 2017

Movie review - "Loose Screws" (1985) *

Follow up to Screwballs from the same director only this time for Roger Corman's new company, Concorde. It's very low rent stuff. There's four guys who go to a school - a blonde, brunette, fatty and nerd. They have a competition to score as many girls as they can - which is problematic story wise as the goal is disparate. At least the goal in Screwballs was clear - to see boobs.

Other problems include: it's hard to tell the guys apart. The nerd isn't that nerdy (played by the same actor who was the nerd in Screwballs), the brunette and blonde are very similar. The villain (the headmaster) lacked a definite character too. I found it hard to tell the women apart.

The dialogue is full of innuendo - it's closer to a Carry On scene in that respect. There's a lot of lechery and sexual harassment and perving. It's like it was made by a bunch of closet gays and /or impotent people trying to prove their heterosexuality.

There is some unexpected charm in a scene where the brunette gets in drag and winds up in a spa with a short sighted girl. That's the highlight. I am grasping at straws. Oh, there's some catchy songs on the soundtrack.

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