Friday, May 19, 2017

Movie review - "Sorority House Massacre II" (1990) **

I love the story behind this movie - Jim Wynorski knew some sets for some Roger Corman movies were being torn down, so he proposed a movie that could be shot in a week to Julie Corman, and she did it behind Roger's back.

Like the other Wynorski films from this period, it has a nice light touch - they all clearly had fun making it. I'm not really a fan of movies were scantily clad women get sliced up.

There is some fun to be had watching Wynorski come up with excuses for the girls to have showers, and take their clothes of, and stay in the house when there's a maniac running around, and throw in footage from other Corman films to pad out the running time (there's a flashback to another massacre in the house from Slumber Party Massacre and some cops visit a strip club with vision from Stripped to Kill).

But at the end of the day it's a film about women being cut up and I'm just not into them. Also the plot was confusing - I struggled with the logic for a lot of it, and had trouble telling the women apart. The lead has a weird half English accent - I googled her and discovered she was English. She's not a bad actor - ditto Melissa Moore who plays the other main girl. Peter Spellos (who is "Orville Ketchum as himself") looks great but flounders a bit when he's got too much dialogue.

There's some funny jokes and quite spooky scenes, well handled by Wynorski.

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