Monday, May 01, 2017

Movie review - "Rogue One" (2016) ****

The first two thirds of this are a little wonky - the film never seems to get in a groove. I mean it's got a bright central idea - about the architect of the Death Star, and his daughter who is used by the rebellion. I liked all the various misfits who get together - the Japanese couple, the hardened rebel officer, etc.

But it never seems to get a fix on the characters - they don't seem to use Felicity Jones' rebelliousness. Also some things felt extraneous - she gets a video from dad and then goes and rescues dad?

But the final act is magnificent - it has integrity, gravitas, and I totally got wrapped up with it. War is serious.

Some random observations:
* didn't feel it was necessary for the rebellion to go "we're not going on the final mission" and then changing their mind;
* the recreation of Peter Cushing worked I felt - but Carrie Fisher felt wrong;
* David Prowse's physical presence was missed.

There's a brilliant "Honest Trailers" on this... "setting up the Stormtroopers' weakness against sticks".

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