Friday, May 05, 2017

Script review - "Halloween 2" by Debra Hill and John Carpenter (1981) (warning: spoilers)

An entirely decent sequel script - doesn't break new ground, but delivers the goods. There are some strong ideas, like picking up the action immediately after the end of the previous film, giving Laurie a love interest (Jimmy), the reveal that Laurie is Michael's sister, and having Loomis kill himself at the end to save Laurie. I wish they'd used the Laurie connection more - had, say, Michael's parents still alive, and maybe learned more about Loomis' history with Michael. I also felt they missed an opportunity having the local sheriff (named after Leigh Brackett) learn about the death of his daughter from film one... and then never see him again. Also making Michael into an indestructible monster feels like a cheat.

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