Monday, May 29, 2017

Movie review - "Sins of Desire" (1993) **

Erotic thriller made to cash in on Basic Instinct (though to be fair they'd been doing knock offs since Fatal Attraction). It was Jim Wynorski's first entry in the genre, and he'd made a few of them.

This has Tanya Roberts as a girl going undercover as a receptionist at a creepy doctors office where they're doing weird therapy. Jay Richardson and especially Delia Shepperd are fun as the weird married couple who run it - she's more into women, he's happy to go after patients.

The guys in this film aren't that attractive - we get sex scenes with pudgy Richardson, and also ones with Nick Cassavetes, who has a distractingly awful 90s haircut. The women are pretty.

Tanya Roberts gets in the ring with Cassavetes (going topless) and also, in probably the film's most memorable moment, Shepperd (she lets her seduce her so Cassavetes gets away).

I wished at times Wynorski would send the whole thing up. It's a bit silly - not as strongly plotted as Body Chemistry III. It's patchy - you've got Gail Harris (that Wynorski regular with the weird English accent) having gone undercover, then Roberts going undercover; Cassavetes investigating, and Roberts and another cop. Too much feels repetitive and unfocused.

There's some fun seeing Shepperd grope all the women, and Roberts letting herself be seduced by Shepperd, and having Jan Michael Vincent prop up in a small role (I mean prop up literally, Wynorski always puts him sitting down). There's a prequel to be had in the adventures of Shepperd and Andrews.

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