Saturday, May 27, 2017

Movie review - "Demolition High" (1996) **1/2

Fun Jim Wynorski knock of off Toy Soldiers made for Wynorski's company during his action movie phase. It's outrageousness is endearing - terrorists take over a high school with a nuclear missile. Corey Haim is the trouble making kid who gets stuck with them and helps save the day.

Corey Haim looks unwell and far too old (mind you so do the rest of the actors playing students) he has a terrible haircut. But the concept of Corey being a bad ass is irresistible. And he's a genuine bad ass - three kids pick on him early and he beats them up; he takes down several terrorists; he cracks unfunny one liners. And it's Corey Haim!

Great fun with Alan Thicke as the cop on the case - doing most of his scenes standing outside the car outside the school. Dick Van Patten is a general. Best of all are Jeff Kober and Melissa Braselle as terrorists - both are very good.

I actually think the drama would've been better if Wynorski had taken some scenes and situations more seriously - to build the dramatic stakes.

Outrageous Wynorski fun.

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