Friday, May 05, 2017

Movie review - "Fast Charlie and the Moonbeam Rider" (1979) **

Little known Roger Corman work, despite starring David Carradine and being directed by Steve Carver and co produced by Corman. It was made for Universal - maybe that's why it isn't well known, because it didn't come from New World stock. It was made for Universal who presumably were hoping for something like Smokey and the Bandit. I think that's what they were aiming for - I wasn't sure.

It's an odd movie. The main problem is tone - it's kind of a straight drama, but doesn't have enough action to be an action flick, or comedy to be fun, or sex to be exploitation. There's a kid in the film but not in a very big role so it's not a kid's movie.

Carradine is enjoyable as a shaggy dog lead. Brenda Vaccaro isn't bad as the widowed mum who comes along. But it takes far too long for the motorcycle action to get going - the film's half over. When it comes, it's pretty impressive, but there's not enough of it. I didn't think the back story of Carradine seeming to be a deserter worked either. We have these support characters set up, fellow veterans, but they don't seem to do much.

This is a period movie so there must have been a bit of a budget. It's a real neither fish nor fowl movie and I can kind of see why it's vanished. You might enjoy it more if you're into old motorcycles.

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