Saturday, May 13, 2017

Movie review - "Burial of the Rats" (1995) *

Roger Corman kind of returns to the world of Poe, with this tale set in the 19th Century. It actually has more in common with those 1950s sci fi movies where astronauts/pilots stumbled upon planets/islands consisting entirely of women.

The hero is Bram Stoker, who is kidnapped by a cult led by Adrienne Barbeau, who hate men. One of them falls in love with him. He becomes an unofficial woman and gets involved in a fight against corrupt locals.

This is terrible. It looks cheap, it's badly acted. There's some attractive women wearing not much but the sex scenes aren't that erotic - one has Stoker thrusting away while the rats watch. It's not scary. It's not funny. It's awful.

I hated that there was a sequence where Stoker was tortured with a pendulum - it was as if Corman was invoking an actual decent movie.

It was shot in Russia but we don't get cool scenery or anything. Adrienne Barbeau adds some B film class in the lead but that's about it. Kevin Alber, who plays Stoker, is a drip.

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