Saturday, May 27, 2017

Movie review - "Point of Seduction: Body Chemistry 3" (1994)

I saw this film in a cut version with all the sex scenes truncated, which I'm pretty sure is not how it should be watched. But it still held because of a strong cast and decent story.

Andrew Stevens is good value as a TV producer married to soap star Morgan Fairchild. Stevens is told about a TV shrink Shari Sattuck, who is beautiful but whose wooden performance is a flaw. A shame because he has an interesting character - two obsessed men have tried to kill her in the past; it turns out that she manipulated them into it.

Two strong subplots - a screenwriter who pokes around Sattuck's past, and the fact Fairchild wants to play the role of Sattuck in the movie... that's a great idea.

The support cast includes Robert Forster as Stevens' boss, Stella Stevens as an exec, and Chick Vennera as the screenwriter. A clever twist at the end; and fans of director Jim Wynorski will enjoy the jokes at the expense of the film industry.

Production wise it's shot in that early 90s erotic thriller video way - an artefact of its time.

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