Sunday, April 30, 2017

Movie review - "Space Raiders" (1983) **

One of a number of sci fi films turned out by New World re-using the sets, music and effects of Battle Beyond the Stars. It lacks the touch of John Sayles and the cast of that film, to put it politely, but it isn't bad. I think you'd love it if you're a ten year old kid because the bulk of the plot concerns said kid falling in with some space pirates. The baddies are aliens. There's also a corporation - there's an older woman who's always talking about making the board happy.

Though, to be honest, I was unsure why the raiders were the goodies and the aliens were the baddies and why the kid was so special. I bet they had High Wind in Jamaica in mind but at least the characters were clear in that.

Vince Edwards adds a bit of gravitas as the main pirate - I laughed when the filmmakers had him perform an operation early on. Patsy Pease, Kimberly Brady from Days of Our Lives, is the female member of the gang. Thom Christopher has probably the best role (and make up) as an alien.

It's a kid's film but having said that the death toll is really high. Most of the gang are wiped out protecting this kid - who isn't super annoying but isn't mega charismatic either. Maybe if we'd seen what the kid brought to each of them... humanity, hope of a better future, etc.

Anyway, it's no turkey - Roger Corman's name is on it as producer.

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