Saturday, April 29, 2017

Movie review - "Moving Violation" (1976) **1/2 (warning: spoilers)

A Roger Corman production striking for the lack of well known names on the credit list - apart from himself of course (he executive produced) and his wife (producer).  It was directed by some guy called Charles Dubin and stars some people called Stephen McHattie and Kay Lenz.

It's quite a lively story though, well handled by Dubin and McHattie and Lenz are a likeable couple. (I googled them - Lenz in particular had better credits than I realised, eg Breezy.) They get into the action quite quickly - McHattie and Lenz are in a car being chased from around 20 minutes in and the action doesn't let up until the end.

Things take a bleak turn - Eddie Albert is a lawyer they hire, and he almost gets them off... but then he's gunned down, Lenz goes catatonic and McHattie goes on a shooting rampage out of revenge. I can't recall a Corman film where the cops were so corrupt. I mean, the film really paints them as black hats.

Not a bad film at all.

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