Saturday, April 29, 2017

Script review - "Thief" by Michael Mann (warning: spoilers)

Mann's first feature as director is a character story more than a page-turning narrative - Frank is a professional thief who reluctantly goes to work for the mob and lives to regret it.

This version starts with Frank having a wife and a kid - the wife cheats on him so Frank pinches the kid and then goes and starts up a new relationship with Jessie. I think it was a good move to get rid of the wife and kid... it means there's more stakes on Jessie and their adopted kid.

There's some fantastic dialogue, it all feels real. The female characters aren't that much. It's interesting to see ideas and themes that would pop up in Heat - such as the importance of not caring, and leaving everything behind. Frank has come wonderful monologues - so do other people, like his former cellmate, and Leo the mafia dude.

In the script version the film ends with Jessie having tracked Frank down. I didn't buy it. The film's ending works better.

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