Thursday, April 20, 2017

Script review - "The Fog" by John Carpenter and Debra Hill

I did like the movie with its stunning locations and music but it was Carpenter lite... something apparent from reading this script. A fog envelopes a small town, getting revenge for a wrong that happened a long time ago... Since the town isn't that prosperous and we don't know the people or feel for the town you don't really care. I think dramatically it was a mistake to cut off the DJ from her son at the end... it's exciting when she asks on radio for someone to rescue him but after it it's like she's off in her own movie and he's off in his. I wish the characters had more involvement in the history of the town - there's a religious dude and old townsfolk, but too many key players are blow ins without stakes (the hitchhiker etc).

It is spooky and entertaining - Carpenter was a dab hand at screen plays. Just not top rank.

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