Saturday, April 29, 2017

Moving Violations (1985) **1/2

Silly comedy from some of the makers of Police Academy and Bachelor Party - taking that formula to the world of traffic school. It's not an awesome concept for a comedy but it's not bad - at least a little different. There doesn't seem to be much on line love for this movie but I have a fondness for it from watching it as a kid.

Re-viewing it, with as much objectivity as I can bring, it seems that there's a lot of dud gags, but some effective ones too, and a genuine sense of family amongst the misfits at school.

It also has a strong cast: John Murray, Bill's brother is an amiable lead; Jennifer Tilly is fun as his ditsy love interest; Brian Backer (80s fave) is a nerd in love with a girl (who turns out to be 15); James Keach is an excellent villain as is Sally Kellerman; Robert Conrad is effective as an authority figure;  Ned Eisenberg is fun as a gore-hungry driver; Clara Peller and Nedra Voltz are funny as a little old lady; Wendy Jo Sperber is magnificent as always, and has the film's funniest set piece, getting a "tune up" from Fred Willard.

Ben Mittleman plays some random guy with curly hair who isn't funny and you wonder why he's in the movie. Catchy theme song, fun final chase.

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