Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Corman's screenwriters - some random thoughts

Corman is renowned for the stars and directors he gave an early break to - Bogdanovich, Demme, Howard, etc. But he was also a fine judge of screenwriting talent. Consider this roll call
1) R Wright Campbell - an actor with a strong career as writer, including an Oscar nominated Man of a Thousand Faces. Did a lot of good work for Corman including Machine Gun Kelly.
2) Charles Griffith - doyen of off beat screenwriters, his work for Corman was actually the peak of his career as opposed to Act One, but it included some stunning brilliance. Best known for his comedies but his dramas such as It Conquered the World were also good.
3) Richard Matheson - a highly regarded writer when brought in to adapt the Poes, he did some very good work for Corman.
4) Robert Towne - Corman gave him some early jobs, and used him often. A superb writer from the get-go.
5) Charles Beaumont - died young, did a lot of work for Twilight Zone, wrote some good Cormans, notably The Intruder
6) John Sayles - genius screenwriter, discovery of Frances Doel, whose work enlivened New World's output in the late 70s so much.
That's damn, damn impressive.

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