Thursday, April 27, 2017

Movie review - "Thunder and Lightning" (1977) **

Roger Corman doing stuff by the numbers - in the 70s films about car drivers were big in the South, so here is David Carradine as a moonshine driver in the South, coming up against the mob.

The tone is light and comedic, with broad performances from Charles Napier, Sterling Holloway and the like. Lots of good ole boys and swamps and yee-hawing and I wasn't quite sure of what the story was except it involved chasing people. Corey Allen the director does a decent job.

It wasn't made for New World but was part of a four picture deal Corman had with Fox and (as a result?) lacks some of urgency and excitement found in the best of the New World actioners. Things pick up in the last third when it becomes a chase. But I wasn't wild about it. I wish Carradine and Kate Jackson had fallen in love on screen as opposed to being an established couple; I also felt both were miscast as Southerners.

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