Friday, October 23, 2015

TV review - "Spyforce" ep 22 - "The Doctor" (1972) **1/2

Different sort of ep, being set in Sydney and spreading the heroism - Jack Thompson and especially Peter Sumner have relatively minor roles, the action also being driven by Redmond Philips and Bill Hunter. German agents have abducted the wife of a doctor to force him to sabotage penicillin.  There's a lot of running around the city and a few punch ups on ferries.

There's a scene where an enemy agent gets shot dead and because she's a young woman Bill Hunter goes into ethical conniptions about it eg "I didn't join the army to do this" and so on.  This sot of ethical angsting was common in spy stories in the late 60s and early 70s - the influence of Le Carre and shows like Callan, people seemed to think it was more "realistic". It never really worked in Spyforce though because the show's stories were so essentially silly.

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