Saturday, October 17, 2015

TV review - "Number 96 - Episode 3" (1972)

For all Number 96's legendary campness there is solid conflict at the heart of this ep - Adolpho and his potentially wayward daughter, who has slept with a married man - they have some great scenes together. The love triangle actually doesn't get much of a run. The other two main stories involve Abigail (getting changed in the living room) and her actress flatmate (the latter doesn't want to put out to producers but Abigail is all for it); and the whingeing Pom couple who feel like they were culled out of Coronation Street and dropped on to this show. Maybe they were because the script editor was Johnny Whyte, Corrie veteran, who played a major part in making the show work.

It's interesting how the big names from the show, Pat McDonald and Abigail, actually didn't carry many of the stories but made their presence felt. Some of the dialogue is extremely, extremely camp and explains why David Sale found things harder going after this series ended.

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