Saturday, October 17, 2015

TV review - "Number 96" episode 2 (1972)

There's an old soap saying, "there's nothing wrong with a show that a love triangle and a stalker can't fix". Ep two of the soon-to-be-classic show has both - the triangle between pregnant Briony Behets, her horny husband and the hornier teenage daughter of the greengrocer (who are all, it should be said, sympathetically portrayed); plus Elaine Lee getting mysterious calls.

I think this was the episode with the first topless woman on Australian TV - Vivienne Garrett - but it's cut out of this one (Behets busts her and the husband in bed together). Ends with a fall down the stairs too! The third plot involves Abigail flouncing around in a bra. She would say in later years that she wasn't ever nude but she ran it pretty close to the bone.

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