Sunday, October 04, 2015

Movie review - "The Babadook" (2014) ****

First rate horror film which has a simple, but effective idea - traumatised single widowed mother goes bonkers when possessed by malevolent spirit - throws in some new twists - a pop up book - and some excellent acting and atmosphere.

Essie Davis is terrific in what is a fantastic role - you get to be a mum, go mad, be grief stricken. Who says you don't have to act in horror movies? It reminded me of those tour de force parts Bette Davis used to play in her old psycho thrillers.  Noah Wiseman is also amazing as her son. At heart the film is a love story between mother and son and these two really make that work. (I got teary in the bit where he stroked her face. I don't mean to be too PC about this but would a male writer/director have included that moment.)

There are some iffy acting in the smaller roles - a downside of filming in Adelaide no doubt. The house is creepy and the production work first rate.

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