Saturday, October 17, 2015

TV review - "Spyforce" ep 21 "The Courier" (1971) **1/2

Gloriously over the top episode with Jack Thompson and Katy Wild escorting a Japanese courier and some top secret plans back from Darwin only to discover their pilot is a German secret agent. He abandons them in the desert but for some reasons I couldn't remember doesn't fly away - he lands to go and shoot some poor bit part player and then takes part in a brilliantly dopey North by Northweest-esque finale with the agent firing a machine gun from the air while Thompson is on horseback firing a rifle.

It's great to see an episode set in the Australian desert rather than the Pacific jungle and for Wild to go on an adventure - although I was disappointed she didn't have more to do (why couldn't she help capture the agent at the end instead of just watching behind a tree? why not have more of a romance between her and Jack Thompson?) There's no Peter Sumner in this episode.

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