Saturday, October 31, 2015

Movie review - "Navy vs Night Monsters" (1966) **

An absolutely decent low budget knock off of The Thing which I saw with very low expectations (a director with few credits, Mamie Van Doren, silly title). And while it certainly had dumb moments - it's about killer trees - I enjoyed it a lot. There is some strong acting, good by-play among the characters. I didn't even mind the human drama of the love triangle involving Van Doren - the characters at times felt real, which is rare for this sort of movie.

It doesn't work that the island has communication with the mainland - this robs the piece of it's suspense - but I'm aware it was added without the original director's consent. This is no classic, but I am sympathetic as to why the director is annoyed it was tampered with - this could have been a genuine little gem as opposed to a more campy cult fave.

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