Tuesday, October 20, 2015

TV review - "Number 96 - episode 7-8" (1972)

Ep 7 - Rose and Adolpho go at it over her sleeping around - apart from his concern over her virginity the scenes between these two are quite well done. A mystery person is moving in downstairs - Chris Haywood pops up as a tradie. Bettina Welch pops up as an even campier woman. There's a fun scene where the whining Pom guy is watching Matlock and his wife points out it's an Aussie show - there are even jokes about Mr Crawford.

Ep 8 - is written by Eleanor Witcombe. I enjoyed a scene where Horrie was watching a Manly Sea Eagles league game and the commentator was talking about Bob Fulton. Abigail continues to get dressed and undressed in the living room a lot and winds up getting almost raped at the climax.

Ep 9 is written by Bob Caswell. Abigail - you guessed it - gets changed in her living room, the lecherous producer dates the actress, the Poms have a troublesome daughter, Vera's stalker appears.

Ep 10 - Vera's stalker is her ex Norman Yemm who rapes her but she lets it go and we see Yemm's naked arse.

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