Sunday, October 04, 2015

Movie review - "Let's Be Cops" (2014) **

A simple concept featuring two stars from New Girl playing characters who could be their characters on New Girl - indeed, for most of the time the concept feels like a "B" strand from an episode, and it would have been done better. Yet this became a surprise hit - in part because of the likeability of the leads, but also due to the lack of comedies around at the moment.

The second half this moves into buddy action comedy territory and it would have been a better movie with more action - shoot outs and car chases and what not. I get the feeling maybe that's what the filmmakers wanted to do but they couldn't afford it - it's not original but does make it seem less like an episode of New Girl.

Nina Dobrev is a pretty female lead and Rob Riggle is always fun - although I kept feeling his role should have been played by a girl to give some romance for Jake Johnson (the deception would have had more emotional stakes too). Not bad, but pretty darn light.

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