Monday, October 26, 2015

TV review - "Spyforce" Ep 2 Death Railway (1971) **1/2

Jack Thompson and Peter Sumner are sent to blow up a railway being built by Allied POWs - hello Bridge on the River Kwai knock off, complete with John Meillon doing a very good take on the Alec Guiness role of an Allied quisling - an engineer who is helping the Japanese. Lorraine Bayley plays his wife back at home who chats to Redmond Phillips in what is an undeveloped subplot.

At one stage Katy Wild scolds Phillips for the ruthlessness of his plan which involves having Sumner and Thompson be deliberately captured so as to wind up in the camp. It doesn't make sense - far too risky and silly; the cynicism of Spyforce never sat easily next to its outlandish plots.

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