Monday, October 18, 2010

Radio review – Lux – “Tender Comrade” (1945) **1/2

This film is best remembered because so many of it’s key filmmakers were blacklisted and it supposedly featured commie propaganda. It’s definitely socialist,with a bunch of women left at home pooling their resources while the men are away. (What did die-hard conservative Cecil B de Mille make about introducing this?) There’s faithful (if impatient) wife, a slut, a kid whose marriage hasn’t been consummated. The look at marriage and female independence remains fresh and interesting; there’s an evil isolationist (“why should we fight for foreigners”) and a woman warns her husband away from those Australian women. Olivia de Havilland comfortably steps into Ginger Rogers’ role; June Duprez and Dennis O’Keefe are in the support cast.

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