Saturday, October 02, 2010

Radio review - Lux - "It Started with Eve" (1944) ***1/2

The announcer informs us that this was the first movie watched by American troops after they landed at D-Day - and I guess it was as good as any, a bit of light relief after those horrid couple of days. It was one of Deanna Durbin's best films, although she doesn't play her role - that honour goes to Susannah Foster, Universal's Durbin back up, who does her best and sings some songs prettily but is no Deanna. Dick Powell is a poor substitute for Bob Cummings - he just doesn't have Cummings' light touch - but Charles Laughton is excellent repeating his film role. At the end of the show Powell makes a crack about Laughton's weight and you can hear Laughton getting annoyed.

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Deanna Durbin Devotees said...

Deanna Durbin and Robert Cummings made a great team (3 films together). I can understand why they couldn't be replaced successfully by other actors. IT STARTED WITH EVE is great entertainment for the whole family.