Saturday, October 02, 2010

Radio review - Lux - "Hitler's Children" (1943) *** (warning: spoilers)

A massively popular B film from RKO, it remains a decent story, more than just an interesting period piece, kind of like a Young Guns meets the Nazis. It's about various young kids who are drawn into Nazi life prior to WW2 centering around the romance between a young couple in particular. There's a powerful ending with the two of them shot to death in a courtroom!!

This sort of young-people-dealing-with-big-issues story is universal; they could remake it. Bonita Granville, Otto Kruger and Kent Smith reprise their film roles; Tim Holt doesn't (Holt was a cowboy actor who kept popping up in really important/interesting films: Magnificent Ambersons, this, Stagecoach, Treasure of Sierra Madre, His Kind of Woman).

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