Saturday, October 02, 2010

Radio review – Lux – “My Cousin Rachel” (1952) **1/2

Richard Burton made a starry debut in the film version and it would have been great to hear his big booming voice on radio – but unfortunately we’ve got Ron Randell. Randell is an Aussie who had a Hollywood career but never reached the top rank – his voice is a bit whimpy sounding and his performance lacks fire, which perhaps explains why. This is important as the whole story revolves around the jealousy of his none-too-stable character. Olivia de Havilland repeats her film performance; there's nothing wrong with it, she was an excellent actor, but I always felt she was slightly miscast. I think they were going for "Oh Olivia - she's not your cliched femme fetale so it's more interesting" - but the story would have been more fun with a femme fetale. (An excellent synopsis of the novel can be found here.)

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