Saturday, October 23, 2010

Play review – “John Loves Mary” by Norman Krasna

The success of Dear Ruth saw Krasna have another go at a comedy involving family, romance and GIs on leave; it's more of a classic farce, albeit less sweet and lovey, mainly because it's more cynical about the parents and the GI is in on the deception from the beginning. John's life was saved by a mate, Fred, in Italy - so to repay the favour he finds Fred's English ex (thought to be dead) and brings her back to the US by marrying her. This is despite the fact that John has his own girlfriend, Mary - whose father is a pompous senator - and Fred has re-married. The shenanigans which ensue are bright and fun for the most part - I wasn't wild about the extended scene where John had his pants down, but there enjoyable digs at the army, and it was a good twist to have Fred and John's old mate O'Leary pop up. The initial concept stretches credibility, but if you can accept it you'll have a good time.

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