Saturday, November 13, 2010

Radio review – Lux – “Tom, Dick and Harry” (1941) **1/2

After listening to a couple of Ginger Rogers performances I thought she was under-rated, but then I heard this, where she mugs and has an attack of the cutes, with a silly voice. Maybe she was trying to give a bit of variation to her career girl performances; her character is less hard edged than other Rogers roles. She plays a girl given to day-dreaming who is torn between three men: ambitious Tom, rich Dick (played by Aussie Allan Marshall) and man of the people Harry (Burgess Meredith, not the first actor you’d think to play a romantic lead, but effective). No doubt shop girls and secretaries lapped this up at the time – a girl next door having three men fighting over her - as their equivalents would do if the film was remade today. Presumably they didn’t mind Ginger going off with a poor guy at the end. The fantasy sequences don’t work as well on radio.

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