Saturday, November 13, 2010

Radio review – Lux – “She Married Her Boss” (1939) ***1/2

Unexpectedly good career girl tale played by late 30s career specialist Ginger Rogers, better casting in a way than Claudette Colbert from the film. She’s a super-efficient secretary in love with her boss (George Brent) who winds up marrying her because he wants to keep her as secretary more than anything else. This has dated surprisingly well – the battle between career and family is still one that goes on and 30s career girl films tended to be less sexist than ones done in the 50s, although this does have a third act which involves Brent getting drunk and dragging Rogers off to his metaphorical cave, to her delight. The kid who plays Brent’s horrible daughter (the source of second act conflict) is great and for the most part this is a lot of fun.

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