Saturday, November 13, 2010

Movie review – “Facing Ali” (2009) ***

A different sort of take on the legend of Ali – this focuses on his opponents. Well, some of them – about ten, I think. Aussie Joe Bugner doesn’t make the cut or does that Chuck bloke who inspired Rocky, but there are ones like Joe Frazier, Leon Spinks, George Foreman, Ken Norton, Henry Cooper. None of them are as charismatic as Ali – no one has the same gift of the gab, or is as good looking, but they have interesting stories. Canadian George Chuvalo lost sons to drugs and suicide, George Foreman comes across as confident and happy (When We Were Kings says he was destroyed by the Rumble in the Jungle, but he came back), Leon Spinks looks like a mess, Ken Norton was an amnesiac for a number of years. A genuinely different sort of sports documentary.

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