Saturday, November 13, 2010

Radio review – BP#23 – “Skylark” (1952) **

A popular 1940 stage hit, and you can see why, even if it isn’t very funny. No doubt New York audiences lapped up this tale about a well-off married couple, trying to keep the fire going after ten years; the woman can’t have kids, and would love for hard working hubby to take some time off – she’s tempted into a dalliance with a dashing lawyer who’s also the lover of a powerful married woman. This is quite saucy stuff from American theatre, with all it’s talk of affairs – it’s set in the world of advertising, and all the talk about sex and accounts reminded me of Mad Men. Very light and frothy, lacks some decent jokes and is heavily cast dependent; the playing here by June Havoc and Donald Cook isn’t that good.

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