Saturday, November 13, 2010

Radio review – Lux – “Now Voyager” (1943) ***

If you needed proof of the differing abilities of Ida Lupino and Bette Davis check out this version of the famous woman’s film, which has Lupino in the lead. The basic story is still good – it’s different she doesn’t wind up with the guy at the end, but the child. (It’s very possible to do a gay reading of this film, with it’s repressed spinster heroine, forbidden love, oppressive mother figure.) Paul Henreid repeats his film role and is a bit bland to be honest – but then he tended to be bland on screen as well. Claude Rains’ absence is felt in the role of the shrink; for some reason, Warners made a couple of shrinks-are-good films around this time, such as Kings Row. Shrinks are often good in women’s films, I guess.

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