Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Radio review – Lux – “No Highway to the Sky” (1952) **1/2

I remember hearing the synopsis of this thinking “that sounds exciting, but how do they get a feature out of it” – an engineer who has a theory about a certain plane falling apart after X number of hours in the air, finds himself aboard that type of plane and the hours are about to be exceeded. Well, it turns out that’s only a portion of the story – the engineer throws a tantrum on board, but the flight goes ahead and lands safely, and the engineer finds himself arguing against people who think he’s crazy, Mr Deeds style. So it's appropriate that former Capra leading man James Stewart is in the lead; he's a believable boffin – though the role really should be played by an English star to have been more effective. There’s a weird subplot where he chats with an aging starlet on the flight and strikes up a friendship – though he has his romance with a stewardess.

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