Saturday, November 13, 2010

Movie review - “Hot Tub Time Machine” (2010) **1/2 (warning: spoilers)

John Cusack rarely looked more bored than in this half-successful attempt to do a Gen X Back to the Future. It’s got a decent enough set up – four friends find themselves transplanted back to 1986 at what was a key weekend in the lives of all four – and some very effective moments: the baddies being convinced our heroes are Red Dawn style commies, Cusack’s sister being a tramp, Crispin Glover constantly almost losing his arm, some of the darkness, Jessica Pare in the hot tub, Cusack’s dream girl turning out to be an idiot.
But they waste too much time with stupid vile humour (catheters, urine, etc), Cusack brings it down, they don’t figure out they need to get the special drink until too late in the film (Marty McFly in Back to the Future always had his goal of getting back). Also it’s really annoying that Cusack decides to go back to the future at the end – he had a horrible life. So he goes back and misses out on falling in love with Lizzie Caplan, having a great career and all this fun… He should have stayed in the past. It made sense the black dude went back because he loved his wife and the young kid had his life in front of him… but not Cusack. Also Michael Sheen’s character in 30 Rock was right – the science is dodgy.

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