Monday, July 17, 2017

Stanley Baker Top Ten

1) Zulu (1963) - of course, though Baker is out-acted off the screen by Michael Caine and Nigel Greene
2) Robbery (1967) - great British heist movie
3) Hell Drivers (1957) - a Brit film industry take on the sort of tough B movies Warners used to make
4) The Criminal (1960) - an excellent Losey-Baker collaboration
5) The Guns of Navarone (1961) - Baker is one of many names in this guys on a mission film but it is a very showy part
6) The Cruel Sea (1953) - Baker is only in a small part but makes a great impression in a fantastic movie
7) Accident (1967) - perhaps Baker's best "I'm playing against type" role in a film which I half like and others love but does have good things going for it
8) Hell is a City (1960) - good tough Val Guest crime stuff
9) Yesterday's Enemy (1959) - another Baker-Guest collaboration, hard core look at British troops in Burma in the war
10) Hell Below Zero (1953) - one of Baker's best villainous performances (with a nod to Knights of the Round Table but this is a much better movie)

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